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Carcinoma of the prostate - the Northern Israel Oncology Center experience in the years 1977 – 1982.
Refereed papers in professional journals
a) Basic Research

1.Nitecki S, Harty GJ, Szurzsewski JH
CCK affect gut myoelectric activity through hypothalamic CCK-A receptors.
In: Cholecystokinin. Edited by Reeve JR, Eysselein V, Solomon T, Go VLW.
N. Y. Acad. Sci. 713: 358-361, 1994.

2.Nitecki S, Karmeli R, Harty GJ, Kamei C, Yaksh TL, Szurzsewski JH
Long-term perfusion of the cerebroventricular system of dogs without leakage
to the peripheral circulation. Am. J. Physiol. 267: R1309-R1319, 1994.

3. Hoffman A, Ramadan R,Nitecki S, Winaver J
Immediate and late changes in renal endothelin-1 (ET-1) excretion after renal Transplantation.
Transplantation Proceedings 29: 2695-2696, 1997.

4. Farrugia G, Nitecki S, Harty GJ, Camilleri M, Szurzsewski JH
The effect of flufenamic acid on gastrointestinal myoelectrical and transit time dogs.
Gut 42: 258-265, 1998.

5. Roguin A, Avivi A, Nitecki S, Rubinstein I, Levy NS, Abassi ZA, Resnick MB,
Lache O, Melamed-Frank M, Joel A, Hoffman A, Nevo E, Levy AP
Restoration of blood flow by using continuous perimuscular infiltration of
plasmid DNA encoding subterranean mole rat Spalax ehrenbergi VEGF. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 100 (8): 4644-4648, 2003.

6. Roguin A, Nitecki S, Rubinstein I, Abbassi Z, Sabo E, Levy NS, Nevo A,
Avivi A, Lache O, Frank M, Hoffman A, Levy AP. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) fails to improve blood flow and
to promote collateralization in a diabetic mouse ischemic hindlimb model.
Cardiovascular Diabetology 2:18-24, 2003.

7. Bishara B, Shiekh H, Karram T, Rubinstein I, Azzam Z, Abu-Saleh N, Nitecki S, Winaver J, Hoffman A, Abassi Z.
Effects of novel vasopressin receptor antagonists on renal function and
Cardiac hypertrophy in rats with experimental congestive heart failure.
J Pharmacol ExpTher 326(2):414-22, 2008.
b) Clinical Research

8. Moskovitz B, Nitecki S, Levine DR
Cancer of the prostate: is there a need for aggressive treatment?
Urol. Int. 42: 49-52, 1987.

9. Kuten A, Nitecki S, Palti S, Steiner M, Cohen Y
The experience of the Northern Israel Oncology Center with carcinoma of the
prostate in the years 1977 – 1982.
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Experience in the treatment of the localized carcinoma of the prostate by
definitive external irradiation.
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11. Nitecki S, Karmeli R, Sarr MG
Appendiceal calculi and fecaliths as indication for appendectomy.
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Trash foot following abdominal aortic surgery.
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Rectus sheath hematoma.
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14. Nitecki S, Bar-Maor AY
Late presentation of Bochdalek hernia.
Isr. J. Med. Sci. 28: 711-714, 1992.

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Update of the experience in the treatment of localized carcinoma of the
prostate by definitive external irradiation.
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Seat belt syndrome.
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Appendiceal calculi and fecaliths as indication for appendectomy.
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Obstructive jaundice: diagnosis and therapeutic approaches.
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19. Nitecki S, Karmeli R, Ben-Arieh Y, Schramek A, Torem S
Seat belt injury to the common iliac artery: report of two cases and review of
the literature.
J. Trauma 33: 935-938, 1992.

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Contemporary management of the appendiceal mass.
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Management of the leaking rectal stump after Hartmann’s procedure.
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Subtotal cholecystectomy: an emergency procedure for the difficult
gallbladder and high-risk patient.
Harefuah 124: 191-193, 1993.

23. Kopelman D, Schein M, Nitecki S, Loberman Z, Klein R, Assalia A,
Hashmonai M
Total colectomy and mucosal proctectomy with J-pauch anal anastomosis for
ulcerative colitis and familial colonic polyposis.
Harefuah 124: 254-257, 1993.

24. Nitecki S, Kuten A, Cohen Y
Update of experience with prostatic cancer.
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Temporal artery biopsy required or superfluous? Experience of a decade.
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Isolated iliac artery aneurysm.
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Appendiceal mass: diagnosis and treatment.
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Lower limb ischemia in primary antiphospholipid syndrome.
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29. Ron IG, Kuten A, Wigler N, Fried G, Nitecki S, Inbar MJ, Dale J, Chaitchik S
Classical disseminated Kaposi’s sarcoma in HIV-negative patients; an
unusually indolent subtype.
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Posttraumatic superficial temporal artery aneurysm.
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The natural history of surgically treated adenocarcinoma of the appendix.
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Predictive factors of traumatic cervical spine fracture outcome in children.
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Long-term survival rates with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – are
really improving?
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Fifteen-year follow-up of clinically localized prostate cancer treated
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Pancreatic resection for ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas – partial
versus total pancreatectomy.
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39. Hoffman A, Ofer A, Nitecki S, Ramadan R, Engel A
Reconstructed CT Ureteropyelography (RCTU) for accurate diagnosis of
urinary tract lesions after kidney transplantation.
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40. Forstner-Barthell AW, Murr MM, Nitecki S, Camillery M, Prather CM,
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Near total completion gastrectomy for severe postvagotomy gastric stasis:
Analysis of early and long-term results in 62 patients.
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42. Hamoud S, Nitecki S, Engel A, Goldsher D, Hayek T
Hypoplasia of the inferior vena cava with azygous continuation presenting as
recurrent leg deep vein thrombosis.
Am. J. Med. Sci. 319: 414-416, 2000.

43. Nitecki S, Kleiser A, Ofer A, Karram T, Engel A, Eisenberg E, Hoffman A
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45. Nitecki S, Efremov E, Ofer A, Engel A, Hoffman A, Israel O
A newly developed technology of simultaneous nuclear medicine and CT
imaging for accurate diagnosis of vascular graft infection.
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46. Nitecki S, Ofer A, Karram T, Engel A, Hoffman A
Abdominal aortic aneurysm in Behcet’s disease treated by endoluminal
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49. Keidar Z, Engel A, Nitecki S, Bar Shalom R, Hoffman A, Israel O
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suspected infected vascular graft.
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50. Ghersin E, Karram T, Gaitini D, Ofer A, Nitecki S, Schwartz H, Hoffman A,
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Compression of the thoracic aorta by a fractured rib.
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Abdominal aortic aneurysm in Behcet’s disease: new treatment options
for an old challenging problem.
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The contemporary treatment of varicose veins (strangle, strip, grill or poison).
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US-guided foam sclerotherapy in patients with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome.
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Inadvertent arterial injury secondary to treatment of venous insufficiency.
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Venous trauma in the Lebanon War – 2006.
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66. Nitecki S, Anekstein Y, Karram T, Peer A, Bass A
Hypothenar hammer syndrome: apropos of six cases and review of the
Vascular 2008 (In Press)

67. Keidar Z, Nitecki S
FDG-PET for the detection of infected vascular grafts.
Q J Nucl Med 2008 (In Press)

c) Case Reports

68. Lavy A, Berkowitz D, Nitecki S
Actinomycosis imitating acute appendicitis.
Harefuah 118: 211-212, 1990.

69.Ofer A, Nitecki S, Hoffman A, Engel A
Dacron graft aneurysm treated by endovascular stent-graft.
Cardiovasc. Intervent. Radiol. 24: 60-64, 2001.

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Blunt trauma of the innominate artery: a unique presentation.
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Ball-bearing missile embolization via suprarenal aorta
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72. Nitecki S, Ofer A, Engel A, Hoffman A
Popliteal aneurysm: is it symptomatic or asymptomatic?
Case Rep. Pract. Rev. 7:69-71, 2006.

d) Letters to the Editor + Short Communications

1. Nitecki S, Sarr MG
Appendecolith – short communication.
Update in Surgery 2: 22, 1991.

2. Sarr MG, Nitecki S, Wolff BG
Adenocarcinoma of the appendix.
Ann. Surg. 221: 202, 1995.

3. Nitecki S
Antiphospholipid antibodies in vascular surgery patients: a cross-sectional
Ann. Surg. 221: 202, 1995.

4. Nitecki S, Ofer A
Behcet’s disease – clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment.
Harefuah 141: 851-852, 2002.

Scientific Meetings
a) Invited Talks - International

1. Nitecki S
Brain-gut axis and motility – what is new?
Surgical & Gastroenterological Research Group.
October 18, 1994. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

2. Nitecki S
Inflammatory abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Minnesota Vascular Surgical Society. April 30, 1995. Red Wing, Minnesota.

3. Nitecki S
Lessons learned from the recent Lebanon War: How modern Imaging can
effect themanagement of vascular injuries.
(Faculty) AIM Symposium 2007. November 12-15, 2007, New York, USA.

4. Nitecki S
Use and value of 18F-FDG and CT scans in diagnosing arterial graft
(Faculty) VEITH Symposium 2008. November 19-23, 2008. New York, USA
b) Invited Talks – National

1. Nitecki S, Hashmonai M, Szurszewski JH
Effects of brain perfusion of NPY on MMC and body core temperature.
Israeli Symposium on GI Motility. November 25, 1991. Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2. Nitecki S
Modern non operative treatments for varicose veins.
Woman’s Health Day. September 14, 2005. Tel-Aviv, Israel.

3. Nitecki S
Modern treatments of venous insufficiency: Radiofrequency ablation, Laser
and US-guided foam sclerotherapy.
The 11th International Congress of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – Medical
Esthetics. March 21st -22nd, 2005. Tel-Aviv, Israel.

4. Nitecki S
Venous Insufficiency – what is it? How do we treat it?
Second Opinion – The Specialists. Guest in the Health Program of Prof.
Eitan Friedman. TV Channel 10. June 1, 2006. Hertzlia, Israel.

5. Nitecki S
Varicose Veins.
Health-Line in Haifa Radio station (107.5 FM). January 5, 2007.

6. Nitecki S
Vascular injuries in the Second Lebanon War.
6th Annual Meeting of Nursing in Vascular Departments.
Rambam Health Care Campus, May 30, 2007. Haifa.

7. Nitecki S
Vascular Injuries – How do we treat them and what have we learned?
Surgery – The heritage of Professor A. Shramek (his 90th birthday).
Rambam Health Care Campus. July 2, 2007. Haifa, Israel.

8. Nitecki S
Venous insufficiency –new treatments for an old problem.
Forum Rambam. Healthy Knowledge – Specialists' Lectures.
Grand Kenyon. September 7, 2007. Haifa, Israel.

9. Nitecki S
Varicose Veins.
Rambam Health Care Campus Stuff Meetings. Grand Rounds.
Spencer Auditorium. February 14, 2008. Haifa. Israel.

10. Nitecki S
Traumatic injury of the thoracic aorta.
Hilel-Yafe Hospital Staff Meeting. June 18, 2008. Hadera, Israel.

11. Nitecki S
The Rambam experience in diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injury
to the thoracic aorta.
Trauma Conference. January 5, 2009. Haifa, Israel.

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